Didier Lab hånd- og neglekrem «Beauté», 50 ml.


Didier Lab hand and nail cream «Beauté», 50 ml.

Extremely gentle, lightweight, perfectly absorbed into the skin of the hands. Moisturizes the skin and maintains moisture balance. Thanks to the combination of unique ingredients, the cream smells very pleasant.
The cream is designed to soothe and disinfect your hands at the same time. The composition of the ingredients moisturizes, soothes and disinfects the skin of the hands.
The composition enriched with «super food» oils and extracts ensures long-term active nutrition and hydration.
Key ingredients:

Blueberry Seed Oil: Provides a soothing effect and creates a barrier that protects the hands from external factors.
Shea Butter: Protects the skin from dehydration, restores its elasticity and significantly improves the condition of dry skin.
Oat seed extract: reduces hand damage and irritation, reduces the discomfort of dry skin, signs of inflammation and soothes the skin.
Almond Seed Extract: Due to the high content of vitamin E in almond seeds, it creates a natural antioxidant and soothing barrier.
Galactoarabinan: A natural plant collagen that promotes cell renewal, reduces trans-epidermal water deficiency and loss, and provides long-term hydration.
Grapefruit Seed Extract, Bisabolol and Ginger Extract: Creates an antiseptic, antibacterial and fungicidal layer on the hands and reduces redness and irritation.
The cream formula is made up of 93.7% natural ingredients!

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