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Didier Lab Esthétique brown lamination micro brush 12pcs.


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Achieve flawlessly laminated brows with these ultra-compact brushes, which are the secret weapon of many brow lamination artists. These brushes offer unmatched precision in styling brow hairs before and after the lamination procedure, making it easier to brush lamination solutions through the hairs for a smooth, fluffy finish. With these brushes, you can say goodbye to clumpy lashes or brows, as well as traces of glue or tint trapped between hairs.

  • Rigid bristles
  • Knurled handle for a better grip
  • Full length: 63mm, tip: 14mm
  • 12 ultra mini brushes per pack
  • Single use disposable (after disinfection can be reusable)
  • Also great for styling post appointment (gel, soap, etc.)


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