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«Didier Lab» gellakk «Exotic», Kookaburra , 10 ml.


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«Didier Lab» gel polish «Exotic», 10 ml.

Highly pigmented gel polishes in exotic shades that can be used for full nail coverage and various design solutions. This line is very widely used – from classic to fine art.
Every stroke of this nail polish will look like a feather of an exotic bird, you can paint in one color or combine several colors you like to get different design variations.
Highly pigmented, bright colors enriched with fine glitter.

The varnishes of the Exotic collection fulfill two functions at the same time – varnishing and design.

It does not run or flow to the sides, it is self-leveling, the coating is fast and even, it polymerizes very quickly.

Perfect adhesion, colors do not fade or change their shade, varnish does not shrink during polymerization.

Lacquer wears 14+

Easily soluble


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