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Didier Lab hånd- og negleampulle ,,Beauté,, 30 ml.


Didier Lab hand and nail ampoule Beauté, 30 ml.

Intensive ampoule treatment for extremely dry hands and damaged nails.
Deep reconstruction with a complex of active substances.
Special treatment is designed to help severely damaged nails and extremely dry hands.
The ampoule contains ingredients that stimulate nail recovery, deeply nourish and strengthen.
The condition of the nails will improve daily, they will become thicker and stronger, and the skin of the hands will be moisturized and nourished.
Key ingredients:

Cysteine ​​Derivative: Specially formulated for use in effective nail care. Effects on keratin cell energy metabolism and nail growth. Nails will become strong and flexible.
Urea: Softens rough and dry skin and is also used to soften damaged nails.
Algae extracts Laminaria Digitate and Pelvetia Canaliculate: growth-promoting extracts. Intensely moisturizes, soothes irritated skin and protects from UV rays.
A complex of five fermented minerals: zinc, iron, silicon, copper and magnesium for extremely strong nails!
Vegetable Keratin: A natural protein that binds: moisturizes, strengthens and promotes growth.
Biotin: thickens and strengthens nails, less nails break due to increased electricity provided by increased lipid synthesis
Glycerin: Protects nails from drying out with their moisturizing properties.
Hydrolyzed Corallina Officinalis is an algae rich in proteins, minerals and amino acids with moisturizing properties.
Hydrolyzed soy protein protects and restores the skin. Due to its stimulating effect on the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, hydrolyzed soy protein also affects wrinkles, fine lines and skin elasticity
Saccharomyces / magnesium enzymes. It is a powerful antioxidant and prevents the aging of the skin by synthesizing elastin. Helps the body produce minerals. Attracts moisture to the top layer of skin. How to use: apply on nail plate or hand skin, massage gently. Best used at bedtime.

FORMULA BE: Parabens, SLS, carbomers and acrylates, ethanol, oils, silicone

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