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Effective Gel «Spider», gold, 5 gr


Effective Gel «Spider», gold, 5 gr.

Thanks to its unique composition, Premium Spider Gel will give you unlimited possibilities for drawing thin and unbroken lines like a web.
The rubber-like consistency lies incredibly thin on the nail. The rich and maximally saturated color consistency will make even the thinnest lines visible.
High pigmentation texture.
No dispersion (stickiness).
The lines do not run and do not lose shape.
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Covering the interior design elements with a top coat of nail polish
Leaving relief on the upper nail design elements.
Premium Spider Gel can be applied with a thin brush, a wooden stick, a metal or silicone thin tool.
It is recommended to varnish on the nails covered with matt varnish for the relief design, then the design will become even more prominent.
When decorating on glossy surfaces it is necessary to remove the stickiness from the paint or the top layer of varnish.
Curing time: UV lamp – 2-4 min, Led lamp – 1-2 min depending on line thickness.

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