Face mask plastic 1stk.


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  • This is a new type of sanitary protection products. It is made of high quality Food Grade Plastic. It is easier and more comfortable to wear than traditional face protection products. The design wrapped around the face guard breathing smoother and unobstructed. (Protected by Project 0).
  • Shipped from USA. It will be delivered in about 8-15 days. This transparent face guard guarantees smooth breathing for the wearer.
  • This face guard can be reused for a long time. Because the film is made of good quality food grade plastic and can block droplets. So you can protect your valued customers from easily spreading spray, but does not guarantee complete protection.
  • It can be cleaned with water, napkins or wet paper towels at any time and then can be reused after disinfection. This REDUCES the unnecessary consumption brought by disposable face protection products to the enterprise, and reduces operating costs by effectively controlling the amount of use.
  • This product is for COMMERCIAL use ONLY, not for individual consumers. Best use for (Fast food) Restaurants, Hotels, Mall, Supermarkets, Financial institutions (banks), beauty salons, barber shops and so on.


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