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Pro Master Brush Didier Lab ESTHÉTIQUE 02


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This professional, handmade oblique shape brush allows for accurate and precise application of brow lamination solutions or eyelash tint. Specifically designed to be lightweight to allow you to focus on your application rather than your brush. This brush ensures that the perfect amount of product is applied to the lashes or eyebrows, and a great result is guaranteed!                               

Shape: hand cut, oblique

Brush Handle: made of wood with a double layer of siliconized acrylic paint. Water-Resistant, suitable for disinfection.

Brush Tip: resistant, balanced softness and elastic.

Bristles: synthetic bristles are designed to not absorb too much of the product in between the brush bristles, extending the life of the brush and saving the product.

Best for: Pro Nourish brow soliuton, or brow tint, or henna.

Quantity : 1pcs

Created by professionals to professionals.




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