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Gel lakk » Natural look «, No3 , 10ml.


Didier Lab «gel polish 10ml.
The new Natural Look gel polish formula is based on the trend in the nail polish industry, Jelly Nails. Long and natural looking nails are becoming more and more popular now, which is what the Natural Look collection guarantees!
Coating – fast and even, does not run and does not leak to the sides, will polymerize very quickly, self-leveling.
Texture – smoky, semi-transparent, kissel. With this collection, there are limitless possibilities to create light and sufficiently bright air coverings.
Gelpolish with camouflage gel effect (nail polished, but at the same time looks very natural)
Invisible regrowth effect – due to its transparent texture, regrowth is visible with minimal or no contact with the natural nail plate.
Water color consistency.
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These are water color effect varnishes that can be used for full nail coverage and various design solutions. This line is very widely used – from classics to art. Ideal for the Ombre technique, it delivers a subtle transition naturally. Looks great with other Didier Lan lines (Studios Didier, Didier Lab Macarons, etc.)

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