Gellakk Brillant No11


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Didier Lab gel polish «Brillant», No10 8ml

Effective, light-reflecting gel nail polish.
Thick and extremely pigmented.
Enriched with platinum pigments, it is perfect for nail polishing or various design solutions.
Self-leveling. 1 coat is enough for varnishing.

After the manicure, apply 1 or 2 thin coats of gel polish to the nail plate «Didier Lab» «Dehydrator», selecting the base according to the condition of the nail.
Polymerization – 60 sec. LED / 120 sec. UV.
Varnish with the selected top coat of nail polish Top coat. Polymerization – 60 sec. LED / 120 sec. UV.
Cleaning – dissolving in a varnish remover / cutter, depending on the base instructions used.


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