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Metal effect gel, silver, 10 ml.


Didier lab metal effect gel, silver, 10 ml.
Maximum saturated, silver pigment gel polish.
The soft, viscous and smooth silk texture smooths itself out.
Rich liquid metal particles can be used as a base against stained glass gel polishes, decorated by shrinking various shapes with a magnet, as design elements, and so on.
Unlimited design and varnishing options!
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1. Prepare the nail plate as usual: perform a manicure and give the nail a shape.
2. Remove excess grease and moisture from the Didier Lab Dehydrator.
3. Varnish all nails with the selected additional bonding agent: Acid free Bond, Extra Bond Nail Repair, Acid Primer or transparent base.
4. Varnish 1 coat of the selected Didier Lab base and dry in an LED lamp for 1 min / UV for 2 min.
5. Varnish the selected base with a dark contrasting color of Liquid metal gel polish. Black contrasts best. Dry in a lamp in an LED lamp for 1 min / UV for 2 min.
6. Coat the nails with Liquid metal gel and use a magnet to extract the various shapes of the metal particles. After obtaining the desired design, dry in an LED lamp for 1 min / UV for 2 min.
7. Depending on the further desires and the desired effect:
• Apply Vitra Gel with the selected varnish (No1, No2, No3, No4, No5). You will get an impressive effect of deep stained glass.
• Varnish with Top Coat.
• Use Liquid metal gel for small design elements, to convey a drop effect, for infused French decoration, and more.
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