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Aromatic massage candle ANDI Prof «Bahamas Bananas», 30 gr.


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Andi Prof massage candle was created especially for massage and SPA procedures of any body parts and well complement manicures and pedicures. «Bahamas Bananas» will give you the aroma of ripe banana.

Andi Prof candle is made solely on the basis of natural ingredients: soy wax, essential oils, vitamin E, which have useful properties: relieve fatigue, give the skin softness and silkiness, tone, improve blood circulation.

Also, a massage candle creates a romantic atmosphere, natural components and the aroma of oil improve well-being, relax, tone up and produce the affect of SPA procedures both in salons and at home.

How to use: light a candle, wait until the vitamins and wax turn into oil, pour warm wax on your hands and begin to massage.


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