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Didier Lab Fiberglass Base, Soft White, 10ml.


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Strong and elastic gel with synthetic fiberglass particles. The tool has nail-binding and nail-strengthening properties.
SMART technology: the synthetic nylon fibers contained in it are evenly distributed and perform the main function of strengthening and bonding the nail throughout the wear.
Contains vitamin E to restore weak, brittle and weakened nails. Calcium (Ca) is necessary to maintain and ensure nail strength. Designed for all types of nails, especially problematic ones.
Extremely durable during wear, easily formed material, elastic, strengthens nails, retains their shape unchanged during regrowth.
Viscous, creamy, non-running, thixotropic, moderate dispersion.

How to use :

Nail strengthening, restoration, modeling, extension (as an additional function, if necessary), masking (intensity depends on the selected shade). Fits all Didier Lab systems.
Prepare the nail plate as usual: perform a manicure and give the nail a shape.
Remove excess grease and moisture from the Didier Lab Dehydrator.
If necessary (depending on the condition of the nail plate), apply an additional bonding agent (Acid free Bond, Extra Bond Nail Repair or Acid Primer).
Apply a thin base layer (suitable for transparent bases including Fiber, Glass) and dry in an LED lamp 60s / UV for 2min (at a lamp wavelength of 395-405nm).
Varnish the selected glass base Fiber shade and dry in a lamp in an LED lamp 60s / UV 2min (at a lamp wavelength of 395-405nm).
Apply a top coat of gel polish. Dry in an LED lamp 60s / UV for 2min.
Removal methods:
Dissolving Didier Lab remover from 7-12 min.
Removing the cutter.
Removal with a dildo (100 grit will be most suitable).


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