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Fiber base Octagon Vit E + Calcium


Nail-care gel base is the latest invention of US scientists! It responds to all the needs and challenges of the nail industry these days.

The most acute nail problems of these times:

Mechanically thinned nail plate.

Chemical damage to the nail plate (onycholysis) due to the use of aggressive acidic bases and overheating of the nail plate.

Weak and weakened nail plate.

The base does not hold, as the extremely large supply makes it difficult to identify and select the right one.

The most important needs of nail masters:

The base wear time should be at least 2-3 weeks.

The base must not heat up during polymerization!

The base must be shaping so that the nail architecture can be performed immediately.

The consistency should be such that it does not flow on the cuticles.

Base-coated nails must be strong at all times.

The base must be hard, but at the same time elastic, so that the gel nail polish does not crack.

The base should be «nail friendly».

Studios Didier Fiber Octagon base coat formula is enriched with Vitamin E and Calcium. It is because of the lack of these vitamins that our nail plates become weak and debilitated. Nails break and flake, and when they are covered with gel polish, expectations are not met.

Vit. E. – for the repair of weak, brittle and weakened nails.

Ca (Calcium) – for nail strength and maintenance.

Containing fiberglass particles – nylon forms a strong and sometimes elastic interconnection. It is they that perform the main function of strengthening the nail. The manicure will last longer, because the glass fiber particles combined during the polymerization will form an extremely stable and strong gel varnish base.

The biggest challenge for the formulators was to invent a compound that would cause as little heating sensation as possible or not heat at all during the polymerization of the plate when a transparent material is used. The object of the present invention is to prevent the widespread chemical damage of the nail plate – onicholysis. This has been achieved by consistently slowing down the process of molecular chain bonding.


Nail reinforcement
Nail Restoration Vit. E and Calcium
Modeling technique «without filming»
Masking (depending on the shade you choose)
Removal cutter / filing
Texture features:

Even distribution of fiber
Non-running – easy to form
Mean variance

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