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Staleks – Cutters tray with a lid


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Hardware manicure and pedicure is a popular service; special devices with attachments for treating nails and skin rolls are widely used by craftsmen. But such equipment requires careful maintenance and disinfection. Compact tray with stainless steel cover for milling cutters Staleks Pro LE-20/1 designed specifically for processing, storing and transporting cutters or removable working parts of hand tools – blades, spoons of which are Uno or Vidal’s needles, the health of the client depends on sterility. Both the tray itself and the lid are made of durable stainless steel, resistant to temperature extremes, moisture and mechanical damage (suitable for sterilization in a dry oven). High resistance to corrosion allows using the convenient Stalex Pro LE-20/1 tray as a container for treatment with disinfecting and cleaning solutions. The lid fits snugly against the sides of the tray to prevent spontaneous opening during handling or transportation. Features of the box for drills with a cover Staleks LE-20/1:
Steel grade 20X13
Material stainless steel
Country of origin Ukraine
Size 9 x 4 x 1.5 cm
Thickness 1 mm
Code LE-20/1
Appointment for drills, cutters, cosmetologist tools
*Package Includes: 1 x tray box staleks with lid (Others Not Included)
Cutters tray with a lid Expert 20 type 1


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