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Steriliserings poser – Kraft bags 100×200 mm for sterilization ProSteril brown 100 pcs


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Kraft bags 100×200 mm for sterilization ProSteril brown 100 pcs

Kraft bags for sterilization with an indicator are made from craft paper, the density is 70 g/m2.

Kraft packaging has indicators that allow you to distinguish sterilized instruments from non-sterilized ones by changing the color.

If the sterilizer worked correctly, then the external indicators change color to the one specified in the standard, for example, beige will turn purple.

The indicators are glued to the area of ​​the kraft package that is accessible for visual inspection. After the sterilization cycle is completed, the indicator label of each indicator is compared with the color of the comparison standard.

If the indicator shows a negative control result, then all instruments processed in this cycle are considered non-sterile.

Sterilization kraft bags contain the following information:

The peculiarity of kraft bags is that they allow air molecules to pass through, but at the same time they filter bacteria and other microorganisms.

After sterilization, when exposed to high temperature, the microorganisms inside the bag die, and after processing, new ones do not come from the external environment, which ensures the safety of the sterility of the instruments.

Kraft bags for sterilization are used for processing instruments by air (sterilization temperature is 160-180 °C) and steam (at sterilization temperatures at a temperature of 121-134 °C).


• resistance to moisture – the bag does not get wet when in contact with steam and humid environment, maintains tightness

• Preservation of the quality of the material when exposed to high temperatures, while the strength and tightness of the package does not lose quality

• Large selection of sizes and shapes – allows you to choose the right package for each tool

• Sealed fasteners: self-adhesive tape

• Compliance with GOST requirements

• Easy disposal, do not harm the environment, because. kraft material decomposes quickly


Kraft bags are used in medical institutions, cosmetology, beauty salons for air sterilization of manicure and medical instruments in dry-heat cabinets, autoclaves and other devices.

The sterilization procedure consists of three stages: manual or automatic cleaning of instruments, disinfection of instruments in special solutions and then sterilization of dry instruments in a dry oven. Paper bags are used in the third step.

Immediately before placing the tools in a dry-heat cabinet, they should be put in a bag (seal the bag). After the procedure, this set of tools can be stored immediately before starting work. The package is opened in the presence of the client.


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